Tuesday, May 03, 2005


So I went to the emergency room after I posted this morning, owing to the terrible pain in my stomach that kept me up a good bit of last night. The doctors seem to think that I've a pretty nasty infection and that it'll take a good week to clear it up. The details of my ailments are pretty gross, so I'll spare you from hearing them, but thanks to everyone who has written/called. I hate feeling sick in the first place and being away from home and loved ones makes it even harder. I'm glad I'll be back in just over two weeks!

If I can get to it this evening, I'll post my own recipe for Bailey's Irish Cream sauce. It's a pretty cool concoction that was *AWESOME* over a chocolate mousse pie I made yesterday.

That's really about it. I'm giving a workshop tonight to CCD teachers on the importance of structure in the classroom. Ryan and Structure...those two match really well. Tomorrow I'm doing communion calls all morning, giving another workshop to CCD teachers by teaching a real live 6th grade class, and then I'm giving a talk to a local parish's 6-12th grade CCD students.

If you've a mind to do so, please say a prayer for Michael and Brian English as they head to St Louis this weekend to represent Cleveland at the Mid-Western Fleadh. They've been working very hard for this event and they can certainly use our prayer and support.
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