Sunday, May 08, 2005


Thanks to everyone who prayed for Mike and Brian as they competed yesterday. I'm proud now to announce their results:


1st Place 15-18 Tin Whistle!!!

This is big time, folks. Mike was the youngest guy in the competition and there were, I believe, about ten in the group. We should all be very proud of this feat -- it's a great honor! The judge's comment was brilliant in announcing the first and second place winners: "I have never seen either of these two boys before. I'll never forget their performance." No greater kudos can I think of!


1st Place under 12 Flute
2nd Place under 12 Tin WHistle

With 30 kids in the whistle competition, Brian really had a brilliant showing. Here's another guy who'd better be tremendously proud of himself -- Congratulations! Brian once proclaimed, "I just gotta live the life, Ryan! I gotta be out there living the life." I don't know if this counts as "living the life" but I'm sure it's a step in the right direction!

As someone who has worked with these two musicians as a musical guide, I can't tell you all how proud and excited I am for them -- they totally deserve any accolades they receive. Their success speaks more to their skill, discipline, and passion for the music than it does to my skills as a teacher. I should hazard the thought, though, that our "over the telephone" music lessons didn't hurt in the least! I know both boys are grateful to Tom Hastings who has been working with them for a long time, and their success this weekend speaks volumes of his abilities as a teacher and as a coach.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Boys!! I am sure that both Tom and Ryan ( along with the mother who had to "put up'" with the practice) are bursting with pride!!
Congrats to Tom, too-- GREAT teacher and Coach! Ryan would not be the muscian he is without you!
Michele Duns