Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gloaming Post

Since I just received another email about it, I want to offer some clarification about my recent post "In the Gloaming."

This post is not an indication that I'm leaving the Jesuits; in fact, anything could, right now, be further from the truth. It is more an indication of a conversion of sorts, perhaps even an epiphany, that offered a new sense of clarity and an enhanced vision of my own vocation.

Since my posts tend to be blithering by nature, I can see why some would interpret this, a much more serious post, as sounding the death knell of my foray into religious life. Rest assured that said knell has not sounded.

Why so many posts today? The receptionist is sick and, rather than watch FoodTV re-runs, I volunteered to fill in for her. All I've done is answer phones and read my book and answer emails, so I've plenty of time to ramble on here!
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