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Sign my guestbook!

Yeah, I forgot: while I'm gone, please do take an opportunity to sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of the site. Since no one has made any comments on the site itself, it would be nice to hear back from people in terms of what I might do to make the site more interesting (stop writing about myself, for starters) or more useful.



I'm leaving for two weeks vacation today. Yes, I know I'm LONG overdue for some R&R, so we'll be two weeks in Omena, MI.

I don't know that I'll be able to post, but I'll try to throw something up on the 'net at least once to let you know that I'm alive.

If my calculations are correct, then these next few weeks mark the waning days of summer vacation from, kids, enjoy it while you can!



Fun and Interactive

I was reading while in bed last night (an excellent collection of essays on Karl Rahner, my theological hero) when a thought (and only one) struck me: I should do something interactive on my blog.

Problem: I am technically deficient and if I attempt to tinker any more with my site, I'll probably end up launching a nuclear attack on Ireland or something.

I know there are a number of people who visit this site in order to find information about the Jesuits or, hopefully, about me. Maybe it would be fun if people would post questions in the comments box about Jesuit life, the novitiate, Ignatian Spirituality, etc., that I could answer here on the blog. This site, for instance, is linked to a discernment group for the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus; it is conceivable, then, that there are men who surf through here and may have some questions, so I really do encourage them.

Also, remember that I do have a guestbook at the bottom of the page and would LOVE it if more people …

Intrepid we are not!


Well, Drew and I are back a bit early from our pilgrimage.

Yeah, we got a ride back to Detroit.

We're wimps.

In truth, however, I'm glad to say that my father realized his long-harbored dream of 25 years: he got to drop one of his children off in the wilderness and drive off with a clear conscience. Luckily, the dreaded "Lake Bears" surrounding Lake Erie are on summer hiatus so we were quite safe.

Actually, it was very hot and sticky and at 4:40 this morning, when a thunder storm ripped us from our oh-so-sound sleep, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to return to Loyola House via other modes of transportation...somehow, lugging a heavy tent and loaded bags loses its luster and appeal when it's humid and 95 degrees outside.

As you will note, I've posted a number of pictures. Yep, that's hair on my head - I'm still able to grow some and, since I'm mortified at having to put sunscreen on my head when it's shaved (or on my bald s…
Caught in a rockslide, Ben and I attempt to climb our way to freedom.
Denis runs as I try to explain the finer points of Rahner's transcedental method in Little Rock, AK
Using my new-found knowledge of ancient runes, I deciphered markings on the cave walls of Mammoth Cave.
At hot springs
We tried to buy these on the way home. The trouble we faced, however, is that we would have had to have sacrificed a novice in order to make room...and, believe it or not, we had a hard time deciding who to leave behind!
A picture from our visit to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

Pilgrims...and it's not even Thanksgiving

Hey Folks,

I'm back in Cleveland for a retreat this weekend. After the retreat concludes Drew Marquard and I will be driven up to Toledo where we'll camp out in some state park and then begin our walk back to Detroit - it should be a fun-filled two day journey.

Why walk?

It's part of our pilgrimage experiment, a journey of seeking and finding that enables its participants to come to know one another - and the way God is working in the lives of each other - more intimately. While safe to suppose that we'll gawk and marvel at the natural beauty of Toledo/Detroit, be assured that we'll have many spiritual conversations and we attempt to explore ever more deeply our own spiritual journeys - aptly symbolized by this long walk - that have led us both to the Society of Jesus.

Quick Props to Nancy and Loretta for lunch yesterday. It was great to spend time with both of you! And, Nancy, remember to pray...and please pray hard. Readers, if you have special intentions you'd…

Quick Update

I write this in the waning days of Jesuit Camp '05 as I stare out on the gorgeous vista of mountains and the lovely Regis University campus. I've had a really great time out here and I'm definitely going to be sad when we depart on Saturday.

There's really not much to report since the Great White Water Rafting Adventure of over a week ago. I did play a feis for Anne Hall this weekend which was a great - albeit hot - two days. It's hard to believe that I used to play 2-day feiseanna pretty frequently "back in my youth" and I assure you that, after almost a full year away from such active playing, I can still feel both days in my back. Soreness aside, it was great being back among "my people" and I feel both more secure in my desire to be a Jesuit (less painful than playing the accordion on the weekends) and more grateful for the opportunity to serve and promote my Irish heritage as a musician.

Just returning from the gym (yes, I still go to the …


Hi folks,

Despite my best efforts, finding time to update this site has been pretty rough. Jesuit camp can be really busy! I've done many fun things, things so much more fun than building crucifixes out of popsicle sticks or singing church hymns by fireside. For instance, in the last two weeks:

-I did a 10.2 mile hike in Rocky Mountain State Park up to Timber Lake.

-Saw the Olympic Training Center, Air Force Academy, and Indian cave dwellings.

-Played softball.

-Visited the Coors Brewing Company's plant.

-Went white water rafting down the Arkansas River and even went swimming in the river.

-Today I'll drive to the top of Mount Evans.

-Discussed the early history of the Society of Jesus.

-Learned about the Jesuits' missionary efforts.

-Discovered that Tuesday nights are "Free Pint Nights" at the Rock Bottom Brewery, meaning that if you purchase one pint of beer ($3.99) each subsequent pint is but $2.00 (and at that price, who can stop at one?) and at the end of it all, …