Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Go for Two!

I have received arguably the funniest email from a person who happens to be a charter member of the SMMSJ Club (Society of Mothers of Members of the Society of Jesus). Of course I will allow her to remain anonymous, but I have to share this with everyone:

What the Gilday!!!!! You compare the bite of a fire ant to blessing yourself with holy water and then follow that up by comparing black widow spiders to Irish Brides! Tell me, when you were divesting yourself of your personal belongings prior to entering, did you let go of your heart and soul?? Do you have shekels in your pocket but an empty chest cavity??

I don't care if your holy water sizzles; you just can't go around besmirching the goodness of Irish Brides.

Now as anyone who reads my blog knows full well, I have only the utmost love for the Irish and their brides, even though I don't have one of my own. But I can only write out of experience, or in this case, my father's experience of being married to my mother.

Note, however, the attentiveness of this email. She utilizes the wondrous neologism "What the Gilday" which is a sure sign she's totally hip and with the times. "What the Gilday!" will someday replace "Friggin I'm sayin yo" and "Bling Bling" in the common parlance. Also, the emphasis is less on my own unholiness than on any attempt to blight the wonders of the Irish. Since it is impossible to subtract or detract from infinite glory, I've no fear that I've impugned the reputation of the Irish, or of their brides.

Now, if you read the comments posted to my site, you'll see that I've been picked up for syndication by the New Orleans Vocation Director. This is hysterical. I think this puts me one step closer to my newfound goal of being a public intellectual, or a public spectacle, or something like that. I'm tickled that people actually read and enjoy my blog and I'd love to invite anyone who'd wish to do so to write and ask questions about novice life in general. This is not to say that the focus of my blog will change in the least - I'll still continue to ramble and to make outrageous and wholly unfounded accusations against the Amish, but if someone wants to know something, he/she should feel free to ask.

Oh! I will try to post the most *AMAZING* bruschetta recipe on "Jesuit Recipes" later this evening. Made with sourdough bread, it is like eating the flesh of an angel. It's quite remarkable, so I'll share that with everyone later. I may have promised to post a bruschetta recipe a few weeks ago, but I've found this latest one to be even better, so my failure to post earlier will be made up for by this contribution.

Speaking of "Jesuit Recipes" I need some sort of closing line to finish my posts with. Martha has "It's a good thing" and Mr. Food has "oooh, it's so good." While it'd be fun to close with "you won't find this served in hell" or "Amen," maybe someone could suggest another closer for recipes.

It's just a thought.

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