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Jesuit Mock Interview

Greetings from Detroit! I flew into Cleveland last night, picked up a car, slept at St. Ignatius High School and, after getting up at 5:45 this morning, drove to Cuyahoga Falls where I interviewed at Walsh Jesuit High School. Following that interview, I jumped into my PT Cruiser (it's a rental) and drove to Detroit, where I interviewed at University of Detroit Jesuit High School. I've been battling with a cold for the last two days and I'm now just about ready to go to bed.

Before hitting the hay, however, I wanted to upload Drew's latest mock interview. This video stars David Paternostro, SJ (New Orleans Province).

Stay tuned - if memory serves me correctly, my video is the next up!

2009 Lenten Reflections with Fr. Pat McGrath, SJ

Tomorrow we begin our annual Lenten journey. I often find it helpful to have a guide in my prayer, someone to help me along as I walk with the Lord toward the awful triumph of Calvary. 
This year, I would like to recommend a series of Lenten Reflections done by Father Pat McGrath, SJ. Pat is a recently ordained Jesuit priest and is a gifted homilist. These seven reflections offer an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and importance of Lent in our lives. 
I've said this before, and I'll say it again: if we've entered into it with an open heart, our Lenten journey will not leave us unscathed...there will be no "back to business as usual" on Easter Monday. Over these weeks, each of us has an opportunity to take stock of our relationship with the Lord and to ask how we might come to know Jesus more deeply, to follow him more nearly, and and to love him more dearly. If you can say, "AH!!! Now, back to normal" then you've missed the point of Lent. Our wa…

Jesuit Mock Interview, II

Starring Dennis Baker, SJ.

Again, the gist of these videos is a lighthearted take on vocational discernment. They were made as part of the entertainment for a discernment weekend and ARE NOT to be taken as the official vocation promotion effort of the Society of Jesus. They are the product of love and excitement: men who love being Companions of Jesus and want to share that love and excitement in creative, and rather humorous, ways!

Vanity Faith

I wanted to advert attention to the recently released book Vanity Faithauthored by my good friend and professor, Father Terrance Klein. Father Klein is an excellent writer and in this work he explores how God can be found amidst and within pop culture.

I have taken Terry for two courses and let me assure you: this book is excellent. If you've ever wrestled with trying to explain issues of faith to people, you know how helpful it is to have an image that they can grasp. I often use Harry Potter, Spiderman, and Star Wars. Father Klein has recourse to Eliza Doolittle, Brand and Jennifer, and "I Love Lucy." All told, he finds a way of using the images that often seem wholly secular to show how the images of our culture are imbued with the power of the sacred.

The book is issued in paperback and retails for under $13.00 on Amazon. If you're looking for a book that will be as enjoyable as it is informative, I strongly urge you to purchase Vanity Faith - and journey along the…

The Society of Jesus: A Better Option

Every year, Ciszek Hall hosts a Candidates' Weekend for men discerning a vocation to the Society of Jesus.

Each year, sort of the highlight of the weekend has been the Jesuit Coffee House, where desserts are prepared, coffee brewed, and various musical acts and comedy routines are performed. The heart of it, though, has always been the movie Drew Marquard, SJ produces for the occasion.

This year, Drew videotaped a series of mock commercials. Burger King has "Your Way, Right Away" and Nike has "Just do It." So the Mock-Commercial has the tag-line: "The Society of Jesus: A Better Option."

These videos are meant to be good-humored and fun. They're relatively short, followed by an interview with the main actor from the skit. Here is the first one, starring Michael Wegenka, SJ, entitled:

The 25th Date

Running Update

This week really got away from me: here it is, already Saturday!
For those interested, I ran my first half-marathon last Sunday. Back in November 2005 (check the archives, if you'd like) I said that I would do so. It took over three years, but I finally made good on my commitment (then again, I had an intervening medical condition that didn't make running terribly pleasant). I finished in 1:59:29 -- 9:07 miles. 
So how do I celebrate it? By running 14 miles tomorrow. I'm committed to training for a full marathon, even if that means dedicating a lot of time to training. I even bought a "Fuel Belt" to hold sports beverages. If I can find someone to take a picture of me wearing the Fuel Belt, I'll post it!
In other news, I have been invited to interview at the following four schools for regency. If you have a child at one of these schools and want me to teach him or her, send bribes to the principal's office of the school and have them pass it along to me. And …


This may surprise some to hear, but I'm not a great one for reading other blogs. In fact, apart from several news sites and Whispers In the Loggia, I don't read very much else. I simply don't have the time.
Blogging doesn't seem to be a terribly popular hobby for many Jesuits. Father Mark Mossa, SJ is a notable exception to this. I reckon Mark and I share a similar vision of blogging: we try to give an insight into what it is like to live as a Jesuit in the 21st century. In blogging, we open up elements of our lives that would, without the internet, remain hidden to much of the world. 
So let me say, I was taken by surprise the other morning when I came down to the breakfast table and learned that a fellow Jesuit - we'll call him OTHER-Ryan - was starting a blog. Now I was very excited to learn that another smart, interesting, and thoughtful person was entering into the blogging world. But before I could even utter a word of congratulation and welcome, he startled me…

Lord Mayo

I had a moment today, so I recorded this. Enjoy!

On Loss

The other day, my mother sent me a quick email asking me to call her as she had some "theological questions" for me. When my family members raise "theological questions," they tend to be things like "Can I see a psychic to have my Tarot cards read?"
In this case, her question was startlingly simple: What do you say to a parent who has lost a child?
Mom had just come home from a funeral for a young woman - just 17 years old - and was grappling with this question. Interestingly, she did not want me to answer over the phone. Rather, she asked that I blog about this in hopes that I may say something that is helpful to others.
So here goes.

To the Parent who has lost a child,
Allow me to begin by acknowledging the depth and breadth of your loss. No words of mine can fill this void and, to be sure, this is not my intent. Your heart is breaking, nay, it is broken, and there is nothing that I can say or do that will change this. I have no delusion of dispelling you…