Monday, September 20, 2004

Too Early, again

Good morning Folks!

I write as though to a large audience, but I reckon there are, oh, about 7 people who read this. So I'm probably writing this for my own therapeutic purposes but, who knows? Perhaps someone will discover my inane ramblings and offer me a book deal. Or a sitcom. Or a place on Hollywood Squares.

So tomorrow marks the one-month mark of being in the Jesuits. I don't feel any holier. I think that's good, though. It's a big lifestyle change, to be sure: it's hard not to think, come each weekend, about which feis I'd be at and with whom I'd be spending my weekend.

Anyway, I'm still damn bald. I totally dig this look. In a way, I think I do it my own form of Ryan justice - a lethal hybrid of Kojak and Christopher Lowell. It's like being on COPS-lite where instead of "putting a cap in a perpetrator's ass" we do decorative things like arts and crafts.

So my agenda for today:

Religious Life class. Today's topic is "Chastity: For some a choice, for others the sad realization that you're ugly and no one will ever want to sleep with you...ever." I think I fall into the latter category, though with my new hairdo I think I look dead sexy and oh-so-virile.

After Religious Life, we go to Institutes class. Though there's a resononace with the word "prostitutes" there is little similarity between the two: in this class we learn about the Jesuits. Well, maybe some similarity...

Right now, as I type this, Eric Sundrup - the famed and revered BEADLE of our novitiate (say his name three times and he seems to appear sort of like Beadlejuice) is reading my blog. I'm touched to have a person of his stature read my humble blog.

Yeah, so that's it. My ramblings are done for today....




Anonymous said...

Ryan -
I think you may be gaining a following...After I check my son, Joe Koczera's, blog, I go right to yours. I really enjoy it, very witty. Thanks.
Helen Koczera

Anonymous said...


With the voices in my head and you-know-who that I keep in my trunk, I'm sure we make up at least 5 readers. Reading your Blog is the only thing he asks for more than sunlight!