Thursday, September 09, 2004

Awake Again...

Good morning!

In a house with 26 guys, who'd have thought that I'd be the one to bring in the paper and make the coffee? I even made rice-krispie treats last night...oh God, I'm turning into a domestic dynamo.

So, let's see what's new. Things are going very well, though the workload has gone from "0 to 60" in just days. We've loads-of-fun Vatican II documents to read, books on the history of the Jesuits, Spanish language classes, classes on the Constitutions of the Jesuits, morning prayer, daily Eucharist, and I think there's stuff I'm forgetting.

Let me say this, though: despite the work that needs to be done, it's certainly less difficult that going to school and it is inordinately more fun. There's something to be said for slogging through "Gaudium et Spes" with 13 other guys, none of whom likes it! Not that we talk about Church documents at meals (we decidedly do not), but there's a sense of solidarity that grows when you realize that you and 13 others are struggling with the same material. As a caveat: it's not that the material is difficult, just boring.

Yeah, so that's about it. I received a nice email from Eric Abercrombie, the current ambassador from the great state of West Virginia. His graduate program seems to be a bit more demanding that JCU's. BUt, great consolation is taken in that his wife is with child and they are expecting the birth of "Little Rahner Abercrombie" in December. We can only hope that he has, his father's....eyes. That's for you, Enyak.



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Anonymous said...

Glad all is well-
I do believe you've gotten funnier since you "joined'! And --your writing style hasn't suffered a bit! Still the quick wit!!