Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Hello all,

I've received several emails and posts indicating that my readership may have ballooned into the double-digits. This is great. And yet, now that I know that there're more readers out there I'm beginning to have performance anxiety. I just can't get my wittiness up....alas, there is no Viagra type drug for this; there is but the unfathomable depths of rage and fury and sarcasm that flows beneath my oh-so-sanguine demeanor. It'll have to do for now.

I was wrong about this week's topic in religious life class. Chastity will be discussed later with Sister Theresa (ain't got nun, aint gonna to get nun). This week we are plumbing the topic of OBEDIENCE (in Ryan world, this translates as COMPROMISE). While there are many beautiful and lovely arguments for obedience, I don't want to relay them to you because it would mean that I would have either to acknowledge and/or appropriate them. Thus, I defer to my own wisdom: Where there is my will, there is God's way. (Actually, "Where there is God's will, there is my way" may also be of my own creation. If it is and you say it, I'd like a dime each time. Just mail me the check after it's accumulated for a bit).

Let's see....I can't think of much else to talk about. There are men and women far better than me to give insightful and pointed critiques of current events; I've neither the time, nor the interest in engaging such topics. I just stick to being inane....insane...inane (it's better).

Peace out, home fries,


AKA Ryan


Anonymous said...

Manualia - yes ; Viagra - no, no, no!!!

Charlie said...

Hey Ryan, found your blog.