Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Vatican’s point man for religious life: ‘We've Started to Listen Again'

While waiting for the beginning of Semester II of the Intensive Latin Course (Semester I went from June 13 - July 1; Semester II is July 5 - July 22), I stumbled upon the following little article in the National Catholic Reporter. I read this publication, basically, for John Allen's writing.

I include a link to the article and I encourage you to read about Archbishop João Bráz de Aviz from Brazil. Here is a question addressing a common perception about Liberation Theology and the Archbishop's response:

Sometimes, it’s said that Liberation Theology remains an imminent threat.

Yes, sometimes it seems that Liberation Theology is a ghost to be invoked whenever it suits someone. Many things have changed. In many countries, those who once fought against the powerful, like Lula [in Brazil], who were even guerilla warriors, today are in government. There’s been a whole evolution, and it’s time for everyone in the church to realize it.

Many of my readers know that Joseph Fromm and I have had several exchanges concerning liberation theology. This, at least, makes it obvious that Joseph and Company are not entirely thinking with the Church when they dismiss Liberation Theology as an evil bogey plaguing the hearts and minds of the faithful. If you have a few moments, I commend this little piece to you for its emphasis on listening and understanding is something that gives me tremendous hope in our own troubled times. 

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