Monday, July 04, 2011

A Few Other Observations

I went to bed last night with something of a heavy heart: while I certainly will not shy away from a good fight, I don't actively seek out conflict.

Early on in my blogging career, I was encouraged to put site trackers onto the blog. These are inexpensive devices that let me know who is visiting, how long they stay, and what sort of contact they are most interested in reading.

For instance, I know that someone from the Pontifical Biblical Institute has visited the site quite a few times over the past 24-hours. I rather wish I knew who it was from there that was coming, as the happenings on the blog seem to be of interest to this person. I also know how many time my friend(s) from Bethesda has/have visited, as also my readers from New Jersey, Denver, Duvall (Washington), North Olmsted, Royal Oak, etc.. It's really crazy: while I might not know exactly who is visiting, I can make pretty good guesses. I have also learned that IP addresses are able to be traced back to their original owners.

Everything we do in our lives leaves some sort of trace. A kind gesture leaves a mark of goodwill on the soul of another; a harsh word, a welt on the heart. Even comments left anonymously are only superficially anonymous because not even the shadows of the internet are bereft of light.

I should like to wonder what a person's response would be were he or she to receive a phone call from the owner of a site where scurrilous and vile comments were left anonymously. How awful would that coward feel to know that he or she had been discovered and that, for all of the supposed righteousness that person claims, it is now known that the person is a total fraud. To such cowards out there, just know that you are not as shielded as you think you are.

Anyway, this blog has seen enough fireworks for one Independence Day! I wish everyone a great holiday and hope you get to enjoy some real fireworks with your family. I plan on working on some Latin and then joining my brother Jesuits and guests for a picnic this evening. Cheers!
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