Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Schedule Day

At some point this morning, the students at U of D Jesuit were finally granted access to see their schedules for the 2011-12 school year. I can only imagine the trembling excitement and nervousness that accompanied the "clicking" of the schedule tab, as students learned which teachers would be shepherding (or haranguing) into wholeness. It's a mark of this generation that many of the students then posted their schedules to Facebook so that they might learn which of their fellow students were in classes with them.

In case you're wondering:

Period 1: Philosophy (Seniors)
Period 2: New Testament/Christology (Sophomores)
Period 4: Latin I (Frosh)
Period 6: New Testament/Christology (Sophomores)
Period 8: New Testament/Christology (Sophomores)

Of these, two are basically new courses. I have taught Philosophy before, but this year I'm teaching it as the history of Catholic philosophy (a disputable title, to be sure) and the book is new to me. Latin I is a course I'm teaching in light of my summer "Latin Camp" experience. New Testament/Christology is a course I've taught quite a few times already and is one I find rather enjoyable to teach. 

Over the next few days, I shall be spending time getting things for "U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!" and prepping the first week of classes.  I'm excited to head up to Omena on Saturday for a week of vacation: it'll be nice to be in a quiet setting where I can relax and recharge before what may well be my final year of regency here in Detroit. 
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