Thursday, July 07, 2011

On Pilgrimage

I have been meaning to draw attention to a blog that is being maintained at the Detroit-Chicago Province's Website. Father Martin Schreiber and several colleagues have embarked upon a pilgrimage to Africa. My good friend, Kyle Chandler, is taking part in this adventure.

Each day, one member of the party will be offering a reflection on his or her experiences. For those of us doing less-than-glamorous things this summer -- such as studying Latin! -- this blog will give us a chance to accompany these pilgrims.

If you get a chance, be sure to check out the reflections!

In order of posting so far:
  1. June 22nd: "Are You Open to Being a Pilgrim With Us?"
  2. July 5th: "Packing"
  3. July 6th: "Fireworks and Leaving Things Behind"
  4. July 6th:  "On the Goodness of Wandering"
As best as I am able, I will continue to draw your attention to these posts. 

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Rosary said...

Going on a pilgrimage is a rare opportunity to reflect on life, our faith, and what to change within ourselves. I sure hope I'll have that chance someday. It's one of those things you just got to do while alive.