Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justice for the Pour: Wine Under $15.00

Our final bottle this evening is a Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon (2010). This red, aromatic, and relatively youthful wine lacks the smokiness of the previous wine and bears a higher degree of fruitiness. At $11.69 a bottle, this one may be a sweepstakes winner for many of our groups.

As we drink, we are made mindful of the 1993 song "Linger" by the Cranberries. There's a lovely finish to this bottle, rich in cherry and raspberry with a lightly smokey aftertaste.

Stephen: I'm just getting into it. It's very smooth. I like to wear soccer jerseys.

Liz: I like the AIDS wine better. This one smells great but leaves me unsatisfied. I have high expectations...I want more. I want it to be less "tart" and more "rich."

Bobby: It's like drinking John the Baptist. (What the Hell does this mean??). If the last wine was AIDS, this is the cure. Not flashy, but a steady friend to keep you warm at night. Easily taken at a wine-and-cheese party.

John: "Liz, you have to let it linger." More of a wine-and-cheese wine. This is a Friday night, 7:00 pm, "It's been a long week and I want to be left to my own devices" type of wine.

Ryan: This is a lovely wine. It's delightful - easy to drink and accessible to a variety of tastes. There's a certain vibrancy to this. This is the sort of wine that needs to be had with some type of food - it's a bit bold for just drinking on its own. It has a really nice flavor, with a delightful after-taste. For it's price, you can't do much better: there's enough here to satisfy the average palate.

The patron for this bottle of wine would be Saint Peter: in some ways disappointing (he did, after all, deny Jesus), yet he turned out to be a lingering, and somewhat reliable, figure within the Christian tradition.

Our Spiritual Bouquet (Ranking Explanation)
Back: John, Stephen, Bobby
Fron: Liz, Ryan

John: 4.25 Chalices
Bobby: 4.25 Chalices
Stephen: 3.25 Chalices
Ryan: 3.75 Chalices
Liz: 2.75 Chalices

Consensus: this is a really good wine. Indeed, it'd be good enough for the saints for three of us. We'd agree that you could drink this solo but, overall, you'd want to enjoy this with food. 

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