Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justice for the Pour: A Rosé for under $15.00

Our second wine of the evening is the Chateua de Lancyre Rosé (2012). Don't let the pink color fool you: this is a big wine.

A wine of a pale salmon color, in is a clear wine with a moderate aroma of berries. It's a big-bodied bodied wine, not the kind that would have to buy two seats on an airline but big enough to make its presence known upon arrival.

Rosé is a hard wine for many drinkers. It elicits a wide variety of opinons,  as you'll see from the comments below. Yet, for $13.79, it was worth the least, I thought so!

Bobby: I don't dislike this. It hits me where the grapefruit hits me. I love Hugh Johnson's big guide to wines.

No, Bobby, an oenophile is not going to jail. It means wine lover.

I like the color. Nondescript. Enjoying Rosé is like my 73-year old aunt who dumps cube after cube of ice into wine.

Liz: Not impressed. It's too...sour, not enough taste. If I could rim it...with sugar...I think I'd really like it. I would have liked more flavor.

Stephen: Not the worst wine I've had. Not much after taste.

John: There are a lot of tanins. I expect the Rosé to be a bit more sweet.

Ryan: I really enjoy this wine. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it may have been too chilled. As it warmed up, the wine seemed to become alive and vibrant. I think it's a nice bottle chilled just a bit - if it's too cold, it loses a lot of its flavor. That stands as my fault, I suspect, so if it's only slightly chilled it's really enjoyable.

Our rankings:

1 Chalice: Jesus is not coming back for this. A mortal sin. 
 2 Chalices: While not lethal I might have to go to confession for drinking this; a venial sin. 
3 Chalices: A good wine for day-to-day drinking. Enjoyable without guilt. Conventional, does just what it ought to do.  
4 Chalices: A wine worthy of a saint. Goes above and beyond what is expected. Heroic effort. 
5 Chalices: Heaven on earth. Worthy of the Blood of Christ. When he comes back, he's going to pour himself a glass of this. 
Our Spiritual Bouquet:

Bobby: 1.5 Chalices
Stephen: 1.75 Chalices
Liz: 2 Chalices
John: 1.75 Chalices
Ryan: 3.25 Chalices

Overall, not a winner in our group. Coupled with Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuit crackers, I find it to be particularly nice. Again, I would say it's nice on the back porch during a warm summer evening. 

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