Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justice for the Pour: Wine Under $15.00

Our final wine under review this evening is the 2010 Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet. At $7.59 per bottle, this wine has the distinction of contributing $1.00 to the prevention of AIDS.

Stephen: It's like a Camel, smooth and smokey. Like Smokey the Bear. It's like I licked the Quaker Oat Man's hat - it's delicious.

Bobby: If this is what it takes to eradicate AIDS, I will drink it noon and night. A bit tart, doesn't live up to its smell. Like so many times in our lives, the smell is far more interesting than the taste. The finish bores me. Everything dies but the tartness. Not smooth, not rich. Boring.

Liz: Very rich with unspeakable riches. Impressive, bold, and would were this an eligible (ie., healthy, normal, psycho-sexually integrated man), I'd go on a date. Not terribly surprised by the body, but I really liked it.

John: Dark berries, chocolate, and just a wee bit of spice. There's a toasty finish, sort of like cozying up by the fireside and reading Hemingway. The berry may have been black, but I can't say for certain: I don't see color.

Ryan: This would not get me out of bed in the middle of the night, but I'm enjoying it. For $7.59, I'd say it's great for a table wine. If I were given a choice to rescue my nephew from a burning house and this wine, I'd probably opt for the nephew. That said, I'd not be disappointed if all I could manage was the wine. I like Quinn and all, but he does talk a lot...

Our Catholic tradition leads us to place this wine under the patronage of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. The patron saint of AIDS patients, he was a young Jesuit who died of the plague at the age of 23.

Our Spiritual Bouquet: (Ranking explanation can be found here)

Stephen: 2.5 Chalices
Bobby: 2 Chalices
John: 3.25 Chalices
Liz: 3.5 Chalices
Ryan: 3.0 Chalices

The range was not nearly as wide on this bottle. In general, we were rather pleased by it. It certainly lacks the full-bodied robustness that one might hope for in a more developed wine but, that said, it doesn't disappoint (unless you're Bobby). It's price point inclines us toward the consensus that it's to be considered strongly, at the least, as a palatable-yet-inexpensive go-to wine. It's trying to cure AIDS, for goodness sake. Give it a try!

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