Ryan and Emma talk about Theology

As one who strives so hard to be a good Jesuit, I thought I'd continue my niece Emma's catechetical formation.

I began with the question, "Emma, who is the greatest theologian in the Church?" She was, of course, a little stumped: she loves theology but, as she's only 10 months old, she feels that there may be some thinkers that she's not quite familiar with.

So I offered her a few suggestions. "Emma bug, do you think Hans Urs Von Balathasar is the bestest, coolest, most neat-o theologian EVER?"

Her face said it all:

Then I said, "Hey now! He's a really good theologian, too. Sure, he is not nearly as fun as some others, but you need to be open to him!"

I continued our lesson. "Emma, there's a very clear answer in my mind. Two words: Transcendental Thomism. Okay, one more hint: think Vorgriff."

Yes, Emma, of course it's Karl Rahner!!

You see, everyone, theology is fun! 

Now all I have to do is by her the "Foundations of Christian Faith" coloring book and we'll be in business!

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