Friday, June 20, 2008

And he's off!

Tonight begins my marathon of travel for the summer. In this order (and subjected to a few additions) I will be:

  1. Leaving tonight for Los Angeles where I will play a 2-day feis in Irvine
  2. Flying from LA to San Francisco on Monday
  3. Staying in SF until Friday, when I'll fly to Dayton and Cincinnati for their feis
  4. Returning to SF for two weeks
  5. Going to Denver the second weekend of July
  6. Two weeks later, I may or may not take another feis
  7. Fly from SF to LA, and then LA to Cleveland (On August 1st)
  8. August 3rd I'll fly from Cleveland to Chicago, get picked up at the airport, and then drive to Omena for summer villa
  9. Post-Omena, I'm playing two feises (Windsor and Lansing) and then coming home to Cleveland. That week I'm having a medical procedure done and going to my cousin's wedding
  10. Then, finally, I'll return to New York
Now this does not include any day trips I take while in SF.

I should mention that my travels do have an apostolic purpose:

  • I love playing for Irish dancers, and I think a lot of them appreciate the fact that I'm a Jesuit and it, in general, intrigues them.
  • I'm in San Francisco this summer to study Spiritual Direction at the Mercy Center in Burlingame
Ok, that's it for now. Grandma Hagan is doing my laundry (did I remind her that I like Downy rather than Bounce??) and I need to finish my coffee (at Bruegger's) and go back, pack, and go say goodbye to the family.


jane said...

Wow! Crazy summer you have there, Duns. But you forgot your SUPER IMPORTANT TRIP TO CANADA.

Anonymous said...

Ryan- My grandson and I spoke to you today at the Irish Festival in Irvine. Any chance you could email me at I have a Protestant/Catholic theology question to ask, if I could. Thanks. Wayne Purcell, Yucaipa, CA

Rasa said...

Ryan - Good luck on your travels! It was great to see you at the Cleveland Feis! The pictures from your sister's wedding are great - looks like it was fun! All the best - Rasa

Laura said...

How long will you be in Chicago?