Saturday, September 15, 2007

Semester Plans

It's hard to believe that I've been back in NYC for nearly a month and that classes are now entering their third week. Time seems to fly by so quickly and I'm ashamed that I've not been more vigilant about posting updates on the blog. It just seems as though I've not been doing anything blog-worthy!

I do want to share, however, some of the ministry opportunities that I'm going to active in this semester. First, I am again teaching the high-powered and rigorous "Introduction to the Irish Tin Whistle" course here at Fordham. I've also been asked to offer the course at Fordham Prep and I'll meet with the principal on Wednesday to discuss what shape that will take.

I am particularly excited about a new venture entitled "Faces of Catholicism." As I described it in an email

Faces of Catholicism" will be a bi-weekly group of students who will
attend a diverse array of liturgies throughout New York City. Whether
we celebrate the Eucharist with Vietnamese immigrants,
African-Americans in Harlem, the eclectic mix of parishioners at
Xavier on 16th street, an impoverished parish in the Bronx or a
wealthy parish on Park Avenue, our goal for the group is threefold.
First, we want to experience the various ways in which the Church is
incarnated in the lives and meets the needs of its congregants.
Second, following each liturgy there will be a meal where the students
will reflect on the particular face of Catholicism witnessed. Third,
it is hoped that a heightened awareness of the diversity and richness
of parish life will animate the each student's own faith life, leading
each to active participation in the life of his or her own parish.

Finally, and this is directed more toward anyone at or around Fordham, we are planning to have an Irish Music concert on October 19th. Now for those of you not aware, October 19th has two points for which it is noteworthy: it is the Feast of the North American Martyrs AND it is my Birthday. I'll post concert details very soon and I'll probably ask Drew to videotape it and I'll put clips up here.

I'm going to see "The Lion King" tonight. I am really excited to see this show and I'll post a bit about it tomorrow or Monday.


Anonymous said...

Why is it always about YOU??????!!!!!???!?!?! Ha-ha!!

Ryan Duns, SJ said...

Because it's my blog.

Joe said...

I find it hilariously ironic that was posted by "anonymous."