Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off the Ball

Several months ago I purchased a physio ball. You know the kind: those HUGE balls that kids love to kick around and adults love to buy because it seems like a cool, and harmless, piece of workout equipment. Anyway, I really enjoyed using it for stretching and for my abs, so when I returned to the Bronx I brought my ball with me.

Well, I had some time in between dinner and watching a movie so I thought I'd go to my room to pray. In the still silence of my room, I had a great idea: "Boy Ryan, wouldn't it be cool to pray on the ball? You could balance yourself on it like some Zen-master and look like Yoda as you commune with God." And so I alighted upon the ball, drawing my legs up underneath me and I sat triumphantly on the ball for several moments. Assured of my stability, I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

That seems to have been my mistake. For upon relaxing, the ball shifted and I began to wobble to-and-fro upon it. With my legs pinned beneath me, I had little chance to break my fall as I toppled over and fell onto my metal garbage can. I now have a nice little bruise on the left-side of my rib cage and my ego is a bit bruised.

Additionally, I did continue praying throughout the affair. "Oh God, you've got to be kidding me." "Oh God, I can't move my feet." "Oh God, don't let me break anything think." "Thank God my ribs aren't broken." "Thank God no one saw me." "Oh God, I'm an idiot."

So Zen-Master Yoda I am not. From now on, when I feel daring I'll say the rosary as I walk down Fordham Road. Otherwise, I'm going to stay seated.


Unknown said...

Given your vow of poverty, this episode has been an incredible grace for you, as you may now dine out on that story for epochs.

Why, just imagine the yarns to be spun when wee tykes ask how you got that bruise.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've got to say that that's quite hilarious! Personally I've never fallen off a gym ball (maybe I should try it one day?), but I still could say "been there, done that" on the prayer part. Isn't it great how we have the right to pray _whatever_ comes to our mind (laugh and cry and rant and get lost in our thoughts and make lists and draw little lines of thought in the air), and God is eager to hear all of it because He loves us so much? :D

May He bless you!

- A random Jen
(ran into your tin whistle videos on YouTube, from where wandered on to your blog)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Love that you kept "praying" throughout. Sr Monica (my favourite ever teacher) would be proud of you. She always told us we could pray anywhere and anytime we felt like - falling off an exercise ball seems like anywhere, anytime. rotfl