Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Forthcoming Publication

I was just informed that my article "Being in the Face of Nameless Mystery: Levinas and the Trace of Doctrine" has been accepted into the January 2008 issue of the Heythrop Journal. The referee wrote of the article

This is an erudite and clearly thought out defense of Karl Rahner's doctrine of God against the charge of reduction or assimilation of the transcendence of God into the experience by man of his own finitude, using cleverly Levinas' distinction of the saying, said, and unsaying to defend a limited capacity to speak about the wholly 'Other' while recognizing at the same time the limits of our conceptual tools. The author shows real potential for the future.

This is really exciting news for me and I really wanted to share it with my readers. It's a great affirmation to know that others appreciate your theological reflection, particularly when engaging in theological reflection is what one wants to do with his life!


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Muy Impresivo!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ryan! Just one question what is the Heythorp Journal--and where might one get a copy? It will be nice to have two children published and need it for he coffee table--H will be happy to hear that you've "finally" joined her!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Ryan....i am really interested in reading what you have written. i can then say to others...i knew him when....
aunt cheryl

Unknown said...

Erudite, even! (You must have been educated by Jesuits...)


Anonymous said...

It sounds beautiful - "saying, said and unsaid" says a lot about our experience of God! Thanks,

Unknown said...

Bravo, Ryan! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Could not a similarly clever examination include a juxtaposition of your defense alongside Cliff's belief in the "use" or "non-use" of highlighters? And what about the distinctions in highlighter colors?

Here is where the real future potential lies. Make your bluegrass constituents proud!