Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Senate Videos

U of D Jesuit students are hurriedly trying to get their pledges in before the deadline on Thursday, October 20th. The entire school community needs to bring in a total of $130,000 in order for us to earn two free days: the Wednesday before and the Monday after Thanksgiving break. I have adamantly insisted that there will be no extensions: we either bring in the money and earn the days off or we schlep it to school. No mercy!

Two weeks after the event, I wanted to share with you two videos our students made. The first of these plays on the theme of the event: Father Peppard has kidnapped the Cub (our mascot) and is holding him ransom.

The second video was shown on the day of Pledge Detroit. It is meant as a pump-up video, expressing to our students something of what we are about as a school and giving them a sense of why it is that we are doing the projects to which we have committed ourselves.

Finally, and perhaps my favorite for its cleverness, is the video for this year's Icebreaker dance. This may be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Some readers may be offended for it being in bad taste but, consider our cultural context, and then ask if it's not at least a tiny bit funny. I roared with laughter when I saw it.

I want to give special props to Stephen Huber ('13) for his outstanding work on preparing videos for the students this year. It's often a thankless task but one that I, as Senate Moderator, appreciate tremendously.

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