Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday of the First Week of Lent

-Stefan Blachut, '11

A blessing and a curse. These were the words that accompanied Moses return with the Commandments. This view can be taken on many of the readings at mass. During the season of Lent we engage this. We cut back on indulgences and often time reflect. It is easy to see why certain aspects of faith can be a curse. So, is ignorance bliss? I often find myself wondering, why do we avoid sin? Is it because of the fear of eternal suffering, or the desire to spend eternity with God. Does this outlook matter? The outlook that we take on a matter tends to determine whether or not it is a blessing or a curse.
At first glance at today’s reading, the most notable thing is that one must do a lot in order to reach God. Yet, we can reach him, though grace. If we see the Gospel as a burden, then faith is a burden. Lent is not a time to go without meat or give up things, it is a time to appreciate. Not to appreciate all the physical goods we have, but all the grace we have received and have been offered. During Lent we push aside physical things for spiritual grace.

Today I got word that my cousin committed suicide. From what I gather it is common for a suicide to come out of nowhere. I did not know this cousin all to well, we meet once or twice a year, as kids he nearly drowned me. However, as he and I grew he changed. He was very family friendly, often watching over the younger children. I can hardly imagine what caused him to commit suicide. A suicide is a difficult and complex thing. What possible blessing can be seen in such a tragic act? Grace. A young man has been offered the grace of God and we are forced to reflect. To see the blessings we have, the ones that Christ offers us in scripture.

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