So, it's over!

I completed the marathon in 4:23:10. I knew that I wanted to run it faster than 4:30, so I'm really happy with my time. The run went really well: the weather was perfect, the crowds were very awesome, and my family came out: Torrey, Hagan, Mom, Dad, Grandma Hagan, Cheryl O'Malley, Jeri Hagan, and Pat Hagan. I was hoping to go a little bit faster, but ran (excuse the pun) into two obstacles:

1. Just before I saw my family on mile 17, my foot caught a portion of buckled asphalt and I went down hard, leaving me with a nice little bruise on my side. Two people who were cheering on the side told me that I was the second person to have fallen in the same spot, so I didn't feel TOO bad!

2. At mile 20, I experienced cramps the likes of which I could not before have imagined. I kept having to stretch out my legs and walk for portions. I did manage, however, to run A LOT more than I walked during the last few miles and did run across the finish line.

So my first marathon now completed, I say confidently (today) that I will never do it again. But as most things in my life, this confidence will dissipate quickly and in a week or so I'll probably begin training for another marathon, probably in order to beat my current time.

So here are a few pictures taken along the way. Enjoy!

Me stretching at mile 23. Look at the sign that is posted - classic!

Me finishing the race.

Brenda was with me when I fell, and this is about 3 minutes after my tumble. She is amazing: this was her third marathon in 4 weeks!

Coach Drew Marquard, SJ. I owe Drew special thanks for being my training partner and guide during this entire process of preparing for the marathon.

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