Sunday, May 03, 2009

Final Week

Hey Folks,

In the wake of last week's marathon of posting, thing are relatively quiet around here. On Wednesday, I will sit for my hour-long De Universa exam - it's an oral exam administered by a panel of (in my case) three Jesuit professors. I'm not worried about it at all, but I do think I should put some time into preparation.

In addition, two weeks from today I will run in the Cleveland marathon. Months of training have inclined me toward this point, so I'm trying to be good to my body: eating well, staying hydrated, and keeping up with my running. So if I'm a bit quiet, just know that I'm conserving energy in order to expend it on my 26.2 mile adventure. 

So please keep me and my classmates in your prayers over the next few days. It's hard to believe that on May 15th I'll be taking my leave of New York. I've done so much over the last three years and the next few days I want to spend enjoying everything the city has to offer. So if things are quiet around here, fear not. Once my exams are over and the marathon is run, I'll be back to posting in full force. Lord knows, some new controversy will appear that will call for some reflection. And with my Master of Arts in Philosophical Resources in hand (the degree I'm earning), perhaps I'll be well placed to weigh in on them!

Until then,

Christ's Peace!


Joe said...

I'll offer up my Angelus for this intention.


Anonymous said...

Question #1: Explain the five ways in which Pedro Arrupe is the devil.