Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Round-Up

So just a few noteworthy points:

  • Congratulations to Michael English who won the Over-18 Tin Whistle Competition at this year's Mid-Atlantic Fleadh. Michael came in to NYC with my soon-to-be brother-in-law Brian Holleran. Brian is now Mike's teacher and should be congratulated for doing an excellent job. If you're interested in learning to play Irish music and live in the Cleveland area, check out his website: Ciunas
  • Better late than never: my mother, sisters, and one cousin came for a tour of Fordham on April 4th. It was great to show them around the campus and the neighborhood. Trumping my Aunt Cheryl, my mother actually made it through the whole of the Fordham bookstore without falling. 
  • I've nearly completed my plans for the summer. It looks like I'll make my annual retreat in a hermitage in Akron, Ohio, the week after Memorial Day. Then I'll head to Chicago for Province Days, return to Cleveland for my sister's wedding, and then I'm off to Los Angeles to play for a feis. After the feis I'll head down to San Francisco where I'll spend two weeks at Saint Agnes Church before beginning my month-long program in Spiritual Direction at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California. We'll follow that up with two weeks at Omena, a feis here or there, and then I'll be back for Round Three at Fordham.
  • I'm just about to embark on my days of leisure: I have written all of my papers and have now only to do a final edit and submit them. This is a record: I'll have almost a month of time to do my own pleasure reading, write a book review for the Heythrop Journal, and go to museums. 
So that's it for today. Nothing really profound (is there ever) so to speak, but it gives a sense of what's going on in this Jesuit's journey!


Unknown said...

Are all those Frequent Flyer miles not covered by the vow of poverty?



Anonymous said...

When do you get the pleasure of being accused by Karen Hall and Joe Garcia of stalking them? I assumed that was part of every young Jesuit's schedule these days...

Library Mary said...

Okay....then you can tell me how to link to you from me.

Mary Ann

Unknown said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but if Ryan wishes for me to accuse him of stalking me -- or, indeed, anything else -- he's going to have to call my office and set up an appointment; and quickly.

I'm booked clear through mid-June.


Unknown said...

Boy oh Boy,

I should patrol this more often. Anonymous, please refrain from posting ad hominem attacks. They are unbecoming and profoundly un-Christian.

Karen said...

Ryan: I'm not sure "Anonymous" is his real name. He stalks me a lot, so I should know.

For the record, you can stalk me any time. Unlike Joe, I don't have a waiting list for stalkers.

Laura said...

Congrats to Michael! I look forward to seeing him and Brian in Detroit.