Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of April Update

Well, I'm officially finished. I completed my take-home exam today and I've long since finished my term papers. I'll return books to the library tomorrow and then I'm kicking back to read a slew of novels that I've been meaning attend to for some time.

In a rare occurrence, I managed to practice the accordion for several hours today. I've been feeling rather stagnant with my tunes so I've set about expanding my repertoire in order to help me maintain interest in my own playing. Like prayer, learning new tunes is often an arduous process that demands heightened discipline and commitment, repeated failure and missed notes, but the pay-off is greater skill and an ability to express oneself through the music in yet another way. I have about six new ways to express myself, none of which is particularly coherent after the first day of practice...thank goodness I'll have time tomorrow!

I still have a few classes to attend, but that's really no bother. I enjoy the lectures (For the most part) and I'm glad to continue reading Hume, Kant, and Aquinas. 

I have a two-day feis this weekend (Mullane-Healy-O'Brien) in Chicago. So again it's a busy week and an even busier weekend, but it brings me such joy to play for the kids to dance. With any luck, and some rest next week, I'll have more time to post!
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