Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Update

Well, the semester is drawing to a close and I'm nearly done with my papers. I have a few pages more to write for one of my courses and then I'll edit two other papers I've written. So about 8 pages and one German translation exam stand between me and the life of leisure. I can't wait!

Last weekend was my future brother-in-law's bachelor party (it was very safe and Jesuit-appropriate. That means: There was no glitter). This weekend Brian (the fiancee) and Michael English are coming to NYC for the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh ---- which is the regional championships for Irish music. I'm very excited to be going to this tomorrow so, if you can, please say a prayer for Michael as he competes in the 18+ category.

In culinary news, I had a gustatory tryst with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" this week. I'll not go into the menu's details, but I must extol the virtues of the mousse I prepared. It was, to my mind, perfect. I'd suggest buying the book for this recipe alone. It took a bit of doing but it was certainly worth it.

Oh, I may as well throw this in. As many readers know, since I entered the Jesuits I have become a regular gym goer. This year, Drew and I embarked upon a 6-month workout program. I've been dubious about its success: working out, like praying, is not fast to yield noticeable results.

Well, today I realized an amazing goal: I did pull ups. And when I say pull-ups, I mean I did (after the warm-ups) six of them with forty pounds hanging from my waist. FORTY POUNDS extra! That's a lot, at least to my mind. I mention this because when I was in high school I couldn't do a single pull-up and now, 14 years later, I'm doing very many of them. So for those woefully un-athletic readers, take heart: if I can do it, anyone can!



Unknown said...

Have you read United States of Arugula?

If you like Julia Child -- so say nothing of snarky "inside dope" then you might saunter to the nearest library and borrow a copy. It's a quick read.

When you're all leisurely, of course.


Anonymous said...

Could you have at least mention that your mother FINALLY came to visit???????