Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vocation Video

As many of you are aware, the Jesuits have of late been putting various vocation videos up on YouTube. Drew Marquard, SJ, shot many of the interviews over the Summer and they've now been edited and posted online.

I think this represents a good and creative step in vocation promotion. Below is a video offering Vocation Advice:

Perhaps by hearing - and now seeing - the ways that other men have discerned a vocation, those discerning how God is calling to them will find greater clarity.


Anonymous said...

I know you posted this 10 days ago, but I've just read it today so I hope you see this comment. I'm hoping you could offer advice -- I read the article, I looked at the videos, and as I have many times over the years responded with agreement/desire for Jesuit life and ideals. The part about advice? I'm too female to apply. (These days, I'm also too old, too out as a lesbian, and too committed to my relationship with my partner.)

Any advice for what I could have done when I was younger? Or now even? (My partner and I've recently left the Roman church, by the way, for an Independent Catholic group that doesn't condemn gay people and recognizes the value in our 12 year relationship. We are in other areas of faith consistent with Roman practice and hold to the Nicene creed.)

Anonymous said...

With apologies, I meant to sign the post -- not leave it as anonymous.