Friday, December 28, 2007


For your consideration, this is the prayer I wrote for my Uncle Brian's swearing-in ceremony. Brian was sworn in as Municipal Judge for Rocky River. The Deborah mentioned is Deborah Comery who was sworn in as Clerk of Courts.

Good and Gracious God,
You have burdened those who would be your disciples
with a daunting task:
Ours is to be a faith that seeks
to do justice for all.

This community recognizes the challenge of faith
and we pray for Deborah and Brian
as they take office this day.

May your Holy Spirit enliven and inspire them
as they seek to interpret and apply the law
in a way that respects and defends the dignity
of all persons.

May the example of your Son, Jesus Christ,
Provide provide Brian and Deborah with
a model of infinite compassion.
May their vocation as ministers of the law
Help to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Heavenly Father, we have heard many times that we
are to love you and our neighbor.
This is both the burden and the blessing of faith:
That in loving and serving the least of
our sisters and brothers, we are loving and serving you.

This community prays that Deborah and Brian
be stewards of justice and mercy.
We pray that your Spirit inspire them,
that your Son accompany them,
and that you strengthen them in their ministry.
Make them disciples in faith,
channels of peace,
and stewards of justice.
Above all, we pray that in all things
that they dedicate themselves
to the greater glory of God.


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Kent said...

That is a truly beautiful prayer...inspiring actually.