Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dinner Party

The last two days have been spent largely on a dinner party I hosted here at Ciszek. Invtied guests included several Jesuits from America House and two faculty members from Fordham.

On the menu, in case you're curious:

Bacon and Spinach Wrapped Scallops
An assortment of cheeses and crackers
A gorgeous split-pea soup
Shepherd's Pie
Fresh Brown Bread
Pecan Pie with Spiced Whipped Cream (Not really in keeping with the Irish theme, but it was tasty and I wanted to use pecans we had left over from Thanksgiving).

This last week has been very, very busy. I'm heading into the home-stretch and have but one small paper to write sometime this week. With any luck, I'll have time to post more often between now and Christmas in order to make up for my relative absence these past few weeks.

One question for readers: any suggestions about a new series I might watch? As a Jesuit, I've watched Rome, Oz, the Sopranos, Smallville, Heros, and Top Chef. I'm looking for a new addictive pleasure but haven't seen anything that really jumps out at me. Thoughts?


Unknown said...

I hope it was scallop of Santiago de Compostela and spinach's Popeye, because i think that nothing is too good for a young jesuit stomach :)

Karen said...

Your dinner sounds great.

Otherwise, I really hate to break it to you, but this is a BAD time to acquire a new addiction to a television show, unless it has already been on for three or four seasons and someone can give you the boxed set for Christmas.

By the end of January, there will be no new programming left, and it looks as though this strike is going to last for (insert expletive unbecoming of a Jesuit) ever.

jane said...

Thanks again for the delicious dinner. Your readers should know that you really are a fabulous host and cook!

Karen said...

p.s. I meme'd you, with a meme I've already meme'd you with before. But it was my second time too, and I'm sure you have enough randomness in your life to come up with 8 more.

Anonymous said...

the remastered (new cgi effects) Star Trek original series. it's on most local syndicated channels.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen 30 Rock? Season 1 is on DVD. Alec Baldwin is brilliant. The episodes that showcase his character's Irish-American family are a treat!

Unknown said...

In solidarity with the lovely and gracious Karen, I am sticking with BBC shows for now.

(I'm not sure if you have BBC America available.)

My two most recent addictions are Gordon Ramsay's F-Word which has far less need for bleeping out than any of his other shows -- the recipes are excellent, also -- and Top Gear.

The latter has no recipes, but is hugely entertaining as well. I particularly commend the episode where they became, with great reluctance, the first men to drive to the North Pole.


P.S. You can make a Bailey's sort of creme anglaise if you want to keep that Irish theme going. In fact, you might want to make a bread pudding -- Brennan's put that on the map, and they sound pretty Irish -- to go with that sauce.

Anonymous said...

Six Feet Under.

That will keep you busy.

Anonymous said...

i am sure your cooking is TDF. have bacon wrapped scallops been on your mind since our night at Maria's Mexican Restaurant?