Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vocation Story

I submit for your reading pleasure this link to a story written by Paris Wolfe, a writer for the Saint Ignatius Magazine. It's a very fine piece about seven recent alums of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland who have recently entered the Society of Jesus. It's a .pdf file so you'll have to download it. The stories are interesting and the pictures are good, too. Just follow the link to ThinkJesuit. Scroll down the main page and you'll see it!

I should mention that since its publication there have been two more alums from Ignatius to enter the Society: Andrij Hlabse and Lorenzo Herman entered the novitiate in August, 2007. That brings us to NINE recent alums....not too shabby!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan. . it's Jim O from LA. . .congrats on finishing your 18 months of First Studies. . .seems like yesterday I was visiting Fordham. . .looking forward to catching up wth you. . .be well. In Him, Jim

Unknown said...

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