Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'd Lather Not

I'm not a big spender, really. Apart from dining out (my favorite activity) I don't really spend very much money (just look at the way I'm dressed!).

Today, however, is one of those rare days that I splurged on a purchase. In need of shaving cream and deodorant, I walked over to a local Rite Aide and picked up some toiletries. As I wandered about the store, my eyes fell upon a wondrous invention: the ConAir Gel & Lather Heating System. All you have to do is drop in your can of shaving gel/cream and, after a few minutes, it's nice and hot! With the prospect of greater shaving comfort tantalizing me for only $20.00, I surrendered to my pleasure seeking nature and bought it.

Well, let me tell you: I will shave every day now. To be sure, the set up of the apparatus tested my technical ability. But the end result was worth it - my shaving gel was WARM! Hot, really, and perhaps I'll lower the temperature for the next time.

I'm hoping that this purchase will get the use I envision....unlike TaeBo tapes, a food dehydrator, Epil-Stop hair remover (I had to see if it worked. It doesn't.), and some ab machine. Granted, I bought all of these things before I entered the Jesuits so now with a restricted budget, I do have to be more judicious in my spending.

I'm glad the weekend is over, by the way. After leading a team in preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 40 people, I arose at 3:50 am on Friday and took a 6:00 am flight to Chicago where I played for the Mid-American Oireachtas. Three days of playing is rough going and I'm only today back to some semblance of normalcy. (I say this realizing that I bought a shaving cream heater a few hours ago. Normal???)


Joe said...

Are you allowed to eBay all the barely-used stuff?


P.S. I shave with a straight razor and a ceramic double-walled mug, which guarantees me serious hot lathery goodness. The above should give people an indication of exactky what an anachronism I really am.

Anonymous said...

Phrenology proves Pedro Arrupe had the shallow brainpan and sloped forehead of a kleptomaniac.

Karen said...

Technically speaking, this would be the community's shaving cream heater, no?

(I am envisioning a subplot.)

Joe said...


You are not allowed to envision subplots whilst picketing, even while picketing in spirit.



Karen said...

Joe: You are correct. But Ryan made me do it, so it's his fault.

Anonymous said...

Pedro Arrupe threw up in the foyer, and then the next day tried to claim the dog did it! He's surely burning in hell.

Danielle said...

It seems that Jesus never had a beard until the III century and the exit of roman catacombs, after he never need to buy after shave again and save a lot of money, isn't it ?
Have a good shopping!

Anonymous said...

It gets worse! Pedro Arrupe told my nephew that Jesus came to save everyone. Then he didn't follow his bishop's instructions about the proper posture at the elevation. Now millions of souls are in hell.

Joe said...


Clearly Ryan is a near occasion of sin, so stay away from any mention of his, er, the community's grooming products (to include, but not be limited to, implements related to dental hygiene).


Anonymous said...

Please make sure my oompa loompa has a job, and does not spent all his days commenting on other blogs. He is underoccupied, and very, very orthodox.

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