Friday, November 02, 2007

Hurts So Good

As many readers know, over the past few years I have gradually become more and more engaged in what is commonly known as "working out." I have come to enjoy going to the gym and now that Drew has built a good home gym in the house, I enjoy it even more (since I don't have to walk outside in the cold to get to Fordham's gym).

So this week we embarked upon a whole new workout program. And let me say this: I am in pain! My legs are killing me and, after today's chest workout, I expect that tomorrow is going going to be a painful day. The irony is that I'm actually glad to feel sore: it means that the whole program is working!

I've been meaning to post all week, but I've been extraordinarily busy. I've finished two papers this week (just two more to go - one 15-20 page, one 10-page) and I've been refining a music primer that I'm writing. I also wrote an encyclopedia entry on "Judith" from the Book of Judith (apocryphal story in the Hebrew Bible. She decapitated Holofernes) and I'm now editing that for submission. Also this week I received the proofs of my piece "Being in the Face of Nameless Mystery: Levinas and the Trace of Doctrine" which will appear in the Heythrop Journal this January (pages 97-109, if you want to find it when it comes out!!). It's really cool to see my name as "Ryan G. Duns, SJ" in print!

This weekend I'm going to Denver overnight. I have to work on a presentation today for my class next Thursday and get a truck load of reading done. But otherwise I'm pretty calm and looking forward to a fairly leisurely rest of the semester. With any luck, something interesting will happen that will prompt me to post more often!

By the by, be sure to check out Jesuit Recipes. Loretta has recently posted several new recipes and I'm sure you'd all be well counseled to try them out. I hope to post a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe in the near future - I've been experimenting here at the house and I've found a recipe that appears to meet near-universal acclaim.


Anonymous said...

Just à little hello from France to thank you for the Irish "sifflet", i like to much to whistle with my lips and just think to buy a flute a week ago, so:

Anonymous said...


you can speak spanish!?¿

i am a chilen from sudamerica!!

and i have a tin whistle!


and the only think i know is a d(RE) and g(sol) scale!!

your lesson in youtube are good!

sorry for my english!!!


and god blees you!

pd: my english is very bad! :)

Anonymous said...

May I ask how you ended up writing about Judith? (No criticism intended, I'm just curious -- she's a favorite of mine.)

Unknown said...

Hi there,

It's a funny story, really. I had intended to write on lepers but, in consultation with my college mentor Ben Fiore, SJ, I realized that there'd not be a lot of material for me to work with. He suggested Judith as an interesting and fun topic and, after spending a day in the library looking through numerous art books, I had to agree!

Anonymous said...

Art books? Pictures of Judith or pictures of lepers? There's a certain irony at hand here -- I know an archaeologist who is working on a project involving medieval leper hospitals!