Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tin Whistle Videos

Due to a technical snafu, I have to re-load all of the "Fordham University's Introduction to the Irish Tin Whistle" videos. I hope to have this completed by next weekend.

Thanks for your patience!



Anonymous said...

I miss my favorite tin-whistle teacher already on you tube. But it is a good way to say thank you!
Greetings from Germany.

Anonymous said...

wheew...thought I lost you. Just want to say thanks for the lessons, and the blogs. I was injured in Iraq and have recently re-entered the academic world, so I can feel your pain from the boredom factor.Keep plugging away and viva la dancing monkeys!

Brian, Rhode Island

Ryan Duns, SJ said...

Dear Sandra and Brian,

Thanks for your notes!

Happy Thanksgiving,


David said...

Hi, i wish to thanks you for your lesson. I especially like the lesson when you talk about the Our Father and the teaching of Jesus to his disciple. I try to send you an email to ask you if you can help me in a little touble ^^ So my mail is abichai777@gmail.com if you can take contact with me i would be very thankfully (that's said it??). thank you for your time in the Tin whistle lesson I'm in the state to try to play with the note 'nd to make the tune mine.

So at the next time i hope. And sorry for the error I'm french ^^


Adam Roach said...

I'll be looking forward to them getting back online.

Magician2000 said...

I guess that answered my question... I went back to them and they were gone... after a few months off of the web they were back... glad to see they can't keep a good whistler down...