Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shame on Me

Well, I'll admit that I'm a glutton for punishment. As you can see from the post below, I had an awful experience two weeks ago when I went the the school mass at my local parish. In light of my comments below, it'll probably come as a shock to many of you that I returned there this morning. In truth, I'd not have gone there had it not been my sister's graduation mass.

I sat in a new location - toward the rear of the church, providing me with a fine vantage point from whence to take the whole affair in. I'd quibble with the selection and pacing of the music (funeral dirges) but my real bugbear is with the vocalists. Instead of recognizing and embracing human (and vocal) finitude, the organist and cantor imagined themselves to be Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram as they crooned out the Gloria. It was brilliantly comical as I they tried to weave back and forth. The result of the weaving, however, was a tangle of melody and words that left me wondering whether to continue praying or to start the WAVE to make sure the congregation had survived this liturgical train wreck.

Interestingly, I have already had my coffee and bagel this morning, so this is a mild post compared to what it would have been were I to have neglected my morning sustenance!

In other news:

I am home for the next ten days. We will be celebrating the ordination to the priesthood of Michael Simone, SJ on Saturday at John Carroll University. In addition, I'll be at JCU for our Province Days on Thursday and Friday. Next week I hope to reconnect with some friends, finish an abstract for an article I wrote, and pack for my move to Chicago where I will study German this summer.

I have a post in mind concerning discernment, but it will have to wait a few more days. I'm busily reading two books - a new guide to Karl Rahner's theology and Pope Benedict's "Jesus of Nazareth." In regard to the latter, it is really a masterpiece: beautifully written and deeply considered, it's the kind of book that incites a person to pray. I'm reading it slowly, trying to take in all of its insights as it guides me to know and love Christ more deeply. If you've the notion, I'd strongly suggest obtaining a copy.

I'm off to Border's and then I'm meeting a friend for coffee. Best to all!

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Jim Bowman said...

The mass sounds wonderful. What, no Beach Boys?