Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mired in Verbs

My "German for Reading Knowledge" course began yesterday and I've already spent many hours cramming German verbs and grammatical structures into my brain. It'll be a challenging course of studies, I reckon, but I am pretty confident that my ability to read German will increase exponentially over these next few weeks.

I haven't any idea as to how often I'll be able to update this blog. I'm going to go to California this weekend to play at a feis, so I need to be very diligent with my German so that I can lose two days of studying in order to travel/play. I hadn't planned on attending this feis but the organizer is down a musician and can't find anyone else to play. So, I'm going to sacrifice myself by going to LA for a weekend. It's a rough life, I know.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't take Dr. Ray's Reading German class at Fordham -- it was one of the best classes I ever took, any where!

Karen said...

Am I losing my mind? Did I not read a long post from you written in Peru? Surely I didn't dream it.

Please tell me I didn't leave a sarcastic comment on the blog of some other Jesuit scholastic. And if I did, then quick, tell me who is in Peru!

Karen said...

p.s. I'm in L.A. Where are you going to be????

Unknown said...

Hi Karen!

You posted to a post I wrote last year - June of '06.

I'm playing (I think) in Irvine. There's an Irish festival/dancing competition that week.

To the above poster: I don't know that Dr. Ray teaches it any more -- there was a different professor running the course last year. I heard they hired someone else to teach it for this fall?

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend a good book for learning German grammar?

Unknown said...

I really can only suggest April Wilson's "Learning German Quickly" as it is the only text I have used.

Anonymous said...

A graphic novel which may interest visitors to your blog is available from:


'The Least Among Us' explores the response of the Church to suffering in itself and a preview is available at: http://www.all-creatures.org/fol/ann-theleast.html

Whilst the book challenges certain attitudes and dogma it remains a Catholic (if underground) comic.

All best wishes,


Anonymous said...

thanks for the book rec, I'll see if I can find it. I've been trying to learn German, but it's difficult when mired in things that must be done.