Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Moaning

Actually, there's not much to moan about. After a (blessedly) un-eventful on-call on Friday, I spent two days at the Villa house in Michigan City. Understandably I slept much of Saturday morning, then watched television for several hours before taking another nap. Then we celebrated Mass, had a beer, and then went to dinner. To round out the evening, we enjoyed some brownies and ice cream while watching "Hustle and Flow." I slept in on Sunday and returned to Oak Park where I caught up on paperwork.

Today has been good so far. Not much happening, really. I'm about to head into "group" in a few moments, so I am sorting out all of my feelings [yes, that's the plural! I have *many* feelings now] and discerning what I want to share with my fellow group members. Tonight I'm having dinner with a friend at a local Irish pub (at 8:30) which is good because it'll give me a few hours to work on a ton of writing I have to do for my "final evaluation" for CPE this quarter.

So that's the update. I'd like to give a special shot-out to Joe who has published two very nice comments on my blog. It's nice to see new names and to hear from people when they appreciate what you've written. When I have time, Joe, I'll be sure to spend more time reading your site and posting in kind.

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