Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mid-Shift Post

Well, I've been here for six hours already. Six hours and nothing has happened! We've had one trauma and, while I do not wish to minimize the patient's suffering, that's been the extent of our evening's action. I reckon this is a good thing (people are well) but it does make for a boring evening. In fact, I'll probably grab some z's in a few minutes.

I suspect part of the cause for the dearth of action is the bitter temperature - it's presently 4-degrees Farenheit with a wind chill of -14. Perhaps such frigid temperatures keep people indoors. Regardless of the reasons, though, it's pretty quiet here and apart from my usual rounds of visits, nothing exciting has really happened.

It is still early, of course, and if anything major happens I'll probably write about it. I'm going to leave the hospital at 7:00 am and drive to Michigan City for two days of relaxation on the sub-zero wind chill weather. It's the villa used by the Chicago province Jesuits and this is my community's turn to use it, so I'll avail myself of the opportunity. In reality it's just a different bed to sleep in all day (since I need to make up for what sleep I don't get tonight!) although I imagine we'll go out for a nice dinner tomorrow.

G'night! (For Now)
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