Friday, July 22, 2005

Pilgrims...and it's not even Thanksgiving

Hey Folks,

I'm back in Cleveland for a retreat this weekend. After the retreat concludes Drew Marquard and I will be driven up to Toledo where we'll camp out in some state park and then begin our walk back to Detroit - it should be a fun-filled two day journey.

Why walk?

It's part of our pilgrimage experiment, a journey of seeking and finding that enables its participants to come to know one another - and the way God is working in the lives of each other - more intimately. While safe to suppose that we'll gawk and marvel at the natural beauty of Toledo/Detroit, be assured that we'll have many spiritual conversations and we attempt to explore ever more deeply our own spiritual journeys - aptly symbolized by this long walk - that have led us both to the Society of Jesus.

Quick Props to Nancy and Loretta for lunch yesterday. It was great to spend time with both of you! And, Nancy, remember to pray...and please pray hard. Readers, if you have special intentions you'd like remembered, you should leave them in the comments box as Nancy seems to have the most amazing "direct line" to God....then again, if I were God, I'd certainly not like to face her wrath so I'd certainly answer any request made of me. I'm sure she'll be somewhat shocked that I would dare mention her prayer power in this public forum, but I think that it should be acknowledged in public that she has truly inspired me to pray in a new and deeper manner. For being a model of one who prays truly and sincerely, Nancy, I salute you!
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