Monday, July 25, 2005

Intrepid we are not!


Well, Drew and I are back a bit early from our pilgrimage.

Yeah, we got a ride back to Detroit.

We're wimps.

In truth, however, I'm glad to say that my father realized his long-harbored dream of 25 years: he got to drop one of his children off in the wilderness and drive off with a clear conscience. Luckily, the dreaded "Lake Bears" surrounding Lake Erie are on summer hiatus so we were quite safe.

Actually, it was very hot and sticky and at 4:40 this morning, when a thunder storm ripped us from our oh-so-sound sleep, we decided that it would probably be a good idea to return to Loyola House via other modes of transportation...somehow, lugging a heavy tent and loaded bags loses its luster and appeal when it's humid and 95 degrees outside.

As you will note, I've posted a number of pictures. Yep, that's hair on my head - I'm still able to grow some and, since I'm mortified at having to put sunscreen on my head when it's shaved (or on my bald spot[s] when it's not) I thought to allow it to grow a bit, kind of like a Chia pet, only mine is truly temporary and brown not green. These are of our trip to Denver and, when I can find them, I'll put one of us rafting up online because those rafting pictures are REALLY cool.

I'm off now to do some reading and possibly watch a movie. Kudos to Mike and Brian who continue to amaze me with their musical abilities - I say this with a modicum of pride and a secret desire to manipulate them into working harder, particularly in light of my public praise! Keep at it guys!

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