Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fun and Interactive

I was reading while in bed last night (an excellent collection of essays on Karl Rahner, my theological hero) when a thought (and only one) struck me: I should do something interactive on my blog.

Problem: I am technically deficient and if I attempt to tinker any more with my site, I'll probably end up launching a nuclear attack on Ireland or something.

I know there are a number of people who visit this site in order to find information about the Jesuits or, hopefully, about me. Maybe it would be fun if people would post questions in the comments box about Jesuit life, the novitiate, Ignatian Spirituality, etc., that I could answer here on the blog. This site, for instance, is linked to a discernment group for the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus; it is conceivable, then, that there are men who surf through here and may have some questions, so I really do encourage them.

Also, remember that I do have a guestbook at the bottom of the page and would LOVE it if more people would sign it...I mean, I totally appreciate the Viagra ad that was posted to it recently, but, and I say this sadly, I've no need for such a wonder drug (that's meant in two ways, hint hint). So please sign!

I'm heading to Omena for vacation on Thursday. I'll probably not have much computer access, but I'll try to post if possible. For those who have been reading this blog for awhile, you'll recall that we last visited Omena in October. I'm pretty excited about these two weeks, partly because I need to go out and buy my swimsuit in thirteen years (I toyed with the idea of a speedo, but realized that it might cause a scandal for onlookers).

So that's the story! I'll poke about for more pictures since I love showing people how interesting our life really is. I think young men discerning a vocation are often put off by the haze of "un-knowing" that surrounds the formation process, and I reckon it's my duty to pierce that haze and allow people to see that we are generally fun, vivacious men who are set on fire to do the Lord's work. It's a wild ride, not an easy ride, but it is fun. So please, do post some questions/comments!
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