Sunday, July 03, 2005


Hi folks,

Despite my best efforts, finding time to update this site has been pretty rough. Jesuit camp can be really busy! I've done many fun things, things so much more fun than building crucifixes out of popsicle sticks or singing church hymns by fireside. For instance, in the last two weeks:

-I did a 10.2 mile hike in Rocky Mountain State Park up to Timber Lake.

-Saw the Olympic Training Center, Air Force Academy, and Indian cave dwellings.

-Played softball.

-Visited the Coors Brewing Company's plant.

-Went white water rafting down the Arkansas River and even went swimming in the river.

-Today I'll drive to the top of Mount Evans.

-Discussed the early history of the Society of Jesus.

-Learned about the Jesuits' missionary efforts.

-Discovered that Tuesday nights are "Free Pint Nights" at the Rock Bottom Brewery, meaning that if you purchase one pint of beer ($3.99) each subsequent pint is but $2.00 (and at that price, who can stop at one?) and at the end of it all, you get a decorative pint glass to take home as a memento!

-And I've met 90-some Jesuit novices from all over the country, which has really been an amazing experience. When you consider what Ignatius originally accomplished with but a fraction of this number, I am heartened and excited for our future.

I'll probably not be able to get any pictures posted until I return to Detroit, but there will be some fun photos, to be sure. I'll also have to post the story of how I was nearly decapitated by an enormous tree branch while rafting down the river. For now, let it suffice to say that we each in our lifetime have one "Matrix Moment" wherein one is able to bend backwards completely in order to avoid oncoming danger. I exhausted my "moment" yesterday while in the raft.
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