Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday of the Second Week of Lent

-Justin Bland, '12

Today’s reading is interesting to look at, especially in the light of a movie we saw today in school. As Jesus heads to Jerusalem with the twelve disciples he already knows his fate and reveals it to his disciples. To know one’s own fate is a difficult thing to cope with, and yet Jesus embraces it. The fear of the unknown is what constantly challenges people today. I know for myself that not knowing what may come tomorrow or the day after, even in simple aspects, can be a frightful thing. In the same way the unknown can be a driving force for people in the future. The potential to do well for others or experience something different can be motivation for someone to move on from the past. Jesus merely showed us what our fate was, and even though we may not know what is coming next we must embrace it.

I find it somewhat coincidental that today we watched “To Save a Life” as an entire school. The film highlighted challenges prevalent in the life of teens and high school students. After watching how the people in the movie acted, I think many other students and I noticed how we may experience parts of the movie in our lives. The goal of life today seems to be who can be most successful and most accepted in the faces of others. In the reading Jesus says that whoever wishes to be great or first among others will be last. Jesus himself tells us that the meaning of life is not to be so great, but to be last. In the movie one moment in particular stands out. When the pastor of a church discovers that an eighteen year old member in high school is going to be a father, he reacts in a way that represents our society. The pastor says he is concerned about this because of the image it portrays. In a moment filled with anxiety for a teenager, a pastor does not reach out to the student, but is worried about image in society. This shows how life can be uncertain, but it happens regardless of our intentions. Sadly, I think this represents our society and demonstrates how we can change our actions to better live out Jesus’ message.

The reading today seeks for us to be the best of all humans and not seek for things we do not need. Jesus calls on all of us to ask how we can be better and to give our life for others. I am not immune to the problems of today, and I know act in the same way as many of people. I want more than I need and have things that may be unnecessary. Here, I think Jesus challenges us to keep others in mind when we go through our actions. All of us may be called to something different, but in the process of that calling we can do the small things that mean the most to others and. I believe this is the “Man for Others” we all should want to be.

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Lovely post--
These posts by all you young men have been WONDERFUL! Bravo to you all..
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