Thursday, July 05, 2018

An Irish Dancer's Blessing

I wrote this for the 2018 North American Irish Dancing Championships, but I reckon it applies to any Irish dancer!

An Irish Dancer’s Blessing

O Lord, Our God, we give you thanks
for the talents you have bestowed
and we ask that you be with our dancers these days.

We ask, of course, for the obvious:   
            may they remember their steps and
            stay on time with the music;
            may their team lines be straight,
            and keep all dancers on the correct foot.
            Bless the musicians with skill
            and the adjudicators with wisdom.

But bless them, Lord, with what may not be obvious:
            A sense of joy for having the chance to do what they love;
            the gift of good memories of hard work and laughter;
            appreciation for being part of a team and a tradition;
            a feeling of gratitude for the hard work and sacrifices of
            their parents and teachers.

Protect them from rolled ankles, collisions, wig malfunctions, and dress mishaps.
May each walk on, each lead-around, and each bow be a celebration of music and culture
and allow their dancing to be a prayer offered in your name and to your greater glory.

We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

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