Saturday, May 15, 2010

No, I eat out of a trough

Since I haven't finished my coffee yet and I still don't feel like going out for my run, I thought I'd post one further item.

Several weeks ago, I went out to dinner with friends. We went to a local pizzeria where they serve 'designer' pizzas and rather nice bottles of wine. Dressed casually, I was thoroughly enjoying my glass of Chianti, the pizza, and our conversation when I heard an exasperated, "Oh my God! Mister Duns!!"

I looked up to see one of my students towering over me. He looked wholly bewildered and said, much to his parents chagrin, "I didn't know you were allowed to eat in restaurants!"

If my students' caricature of me is correct, my first reaction was to roll my eyes and give him 'the stare.' This was immediately followed by my retort, "Are you insane? Do you think I stay at home and eat out of a trough each night? Of course I eat in restaurants!"

The parents laughed and offered an apology for their son's naivete. As they walked away, I saw the kid turn around again so I lifted my glass of wine in salute and took a long draught of Chianti with great gusto. He smiled and turned away. I went back to my meal, wholly amused.


Einar said...

WHAT? Teachers eat in restaurants?

Next you will be telling me you sleep in a real bed instead of a coffin...

Anonymous said...

I grew-up in an area where evangelical right was very pervasive. If I saw that same scene when I was young person I probably would have been confused and baffled too. When I was young, the evangelical right wailed against almost everything secular from music, holidays, dress, games, alcohol etc. This group really saw no good what so ever in anything secular. You would have thought Genesis started with Satan created the world and everything is evil and out to destroy you. The only good things are things specifically sanctioned by the religious right which wasn't much. Unfortunately I saw these folks as being representative of all Christians.

I'm wondering if that child hasn't had the same experience. I'm wondering if what he meant by "Oh my God! Mister Duns!!" is "What are you doing in this secular pit of Satanism and why do seem to be enjoying it? Aren't you going to burn in hell for ever for this?".

Crazy? Yes. Insane? Yes. But between these insane Christian groups, the media, and now these days evangelical atheists one can really get some distorted views of Christians. All of the above kept me away from Christ for years and years. Please talk to that young naive fellow and see why he was so shocked. And straighten out any perverse perceptions he might have.

Blessings to you and your work!

Unknown said...


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