Monday, March 18, 2013

Papal Coat of Arms

Rocco Palmo offers the following explanation of Pople Francis's coat of arms:

Reflecting the simplicityfor which the 266th bishop of Rome has already become rather renowned, Jorge Bergoglio chose three charges for himself on his 1992 appointment as an auxiliary of Buenos Aires: the sun marked with the Holy Name of Jesus, the historic symbol of his Jesuit community; a star for the Madonna, and a "nard flower" representing St Joseph, on whose feast he'll liturgically launch his ministry as Roman pontiff. 
The background is blue – the color traditionally affiliated with Mary – reflecting Francis' intense devotion to her, something evidenced in Rome early on the morning after his election, but one rooted at home under the mantle of Argentina's patroness, the Madonna de Luj├ín, a Virgin cloaked in blue.
Taken from an 8th century homily on the call of St Matthew, Papa Bergoglio's motto  Miserando atque eligendo: "Lowly and yet chosen" – likewise remains the same, and the striped miter introduced by B16 to replace the tiara has been retained.  
Given all the rumors swirling around the internet that Pope Francis had been estranged or alienated from the Society of Jesus, his choice to include the seal of the Society of Jesus should be sufficient enough to still them.  

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