Thursday, March 15, 2012

Go with the Flo...nase

On occasion, I share with readers some of the stupid things I do. Generally speaking, I don't intend to be just happens. Case in point:

Along with two other Jesuits, I agreed to participate in a Theology-On-Tap program hosted by several  families at U of D Jesuit. Brother Boynton spoke the first week on the History of Spirituality. Originally, I was to give my presentation next week, on the 21st. Well, as it turns out, an emergency situation forced a schedule switch and at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, I was told that I'd be giving my talk instead and I had just about thirty minutes to get it ready. 
In my rush, I tried to multi-task. I pulled together some preliminary notes - entitled The Risk of Zacchaeus and the Control-F Generation - while brushing my teeth, changing my clothes, and scrambling to find clean socks. 

It also occurred to me that I'd not taken my vitamins that day. It also hit me that I'd not used my Flonase, either. So I grabbed one B-12, one Multi-Vitamin, and uncapped my Flonaise. I grabbed my water bottle and, in a grand motion, simultaneously threw the pills in my mouth and took an enormous swig of water to down them. I then used the Flonase (two shots per nostril, of course), and went to re-cap the bottle when I realized that the cap had magically transformed into a multi-vitamin. 

Yep: It appears that, in my haste, I swallowed the Flonase cap. 

Turns out that I'm pretty good at popping pills and pill-shaped caps. Another hidden talent brought to light. 

Ah well. The Universe - 1, Duns - 0. 

Near as I can tell, I've suffered no ill effects from this gaffe. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have stumbled upon a secret for hair re-growth. 

One can always hope.

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