Monday, March 05, 2012

The 13th Day of Lent: The Jesuit Post

Several weeks ago, several enterprising young Jesuits launched a new website called "The Jesuit Post." Editor-in-Chief Paddy Gilger, SJ is to be commended for his tremendous labors.

I'm pleased that Paddy thought enough of an edited version of a talk I delivered several weeks back that he included it on the Jesuit Post. The talk, delivered one chilly night on Mackinac Island, is a very basic introduction to prayer. You can read the post - and comment, should you wish - HERE.

I strongly encourage you to poke around the site. The content produced by these Jesuits is absolutely astounding and is sure to provide something to pique your interests. I'm hoping to find more time in the near future to contribute something more substantial but, with the Student Senate Campaign looming, I don't suspect much time is going to be available.

Don't forget: The Jesuit Post!
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