Saturday, October 09, 2010


I frequently describe blogging as therapeutic: as an extrovert, I tend to process externally, thinking out loud. Since I can't expect someone to be with me at all hours of the day, I tend to use my blog as a way of thinking out loud in a disciplined way that brings clarity to me and is, perhaps, helpful to others.

This last week has been so incredibly busy that fatigue has forced me to process inwardly as I'm too tired to sit down at my computer. We just had our Spirit Week (Pajama Day, Field Games, Jersey Day, College Shirt Day, and an all-school pep rally) which I was in charge of planning and executing. I spent most of today setting up for today's Homecoming Dance (Theme: Superheroes in the D) and I'm hoping to get something to eat before the dance starts at 8:00. Tomorrow I have to help clean up after the dance and then begin the final preparations for "U of D Jesuit Pledge Detroit!" This is such a busy time and I'm so grateful that I've been faithful to daily prayer, the Eucharist, and finding time with friends and brother Jesuits...otherwise, the stimulation would force me to explode in an extroverted frenzy!

If I'm quiet for the next two weeks, fear not: I'll be back. It's just that with all of the planning and work that must still be done for Pledge Detroit! and my own teaching schedule, I have precious little time. The thing I'm most excited about right now is that I have Wednesday off due to the PSAT being administered and I'm planning on catching up on my sleep because, folks, your scribe is pretty tired. As a very holy Jesuit Brother once said, "Even the good things we do can make us tired." I echo his feelings and look to that day when I can rest fully...the end of the month, at this rate!

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